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Event Photographer Miami

From the right perspective and the application of a few simple components, any and every event becomes most interesting. Here at Ezekiel e. Photography, we are always up for the challenge of photographing any Miami event, no matter how big or small. From large corporate event in Miami to small Sunday afternoon family gatherings, each event takes on a personality of its own. There’s so much to be captured, from details to posed portraits. Unlike studio photography, where you can pose your subject, you must be able to capture the same great photos with crowds of people in constant motion and changing lighting situations. It becomes the total responsibility for the photographer to adapt to each condition in order to produce quality images that capture the essence and the uniqueness of your Miami event.

Corporate event photographer in Miami

We are constantly on the move at your event, ready and willing to capture shots that speak to the feel of the day. We want you to look back on your day with pride and happiness that everything went smoothly. One detail you don’t have to worry about is the photography. We have lots of experience as a corporate event photographer in Miami. For the past five year, we have given our all to clients. Headed by Erik Esparza, this Miami, Florida-based photographer established himself in the industry with his early use of photojournalism techniques. Today, he continues that tradition with his trusted team to provide superior service and dedication.

Capturing important moments

Capturing moments on the fly is what separates us from the rest. Some of the hottest parties happen in this city and Miami event photography demands that you be on your feet and “on” the entire time, constantly searching for the next great photograph. As part of our suite of services, we strive to get to know not only the couple in question but the entire family as well. No single event is every truly singular: entire groups of families and friends come together to celebrate special moments, and that’s what we strive to preserve. As skilled and experienced Miami event photographers, we focus on the details, and offer a variety of creative choices through black and white or color shots. Whether you like traditional photos, or something a bit out of the ordinary, we can accommodate your needs.

Your Miami event photographer

Trust us as your Miami event photographers to handle your photographic needs, whether for a corporate outing or a wedding. We know each event is special and we treat each one that way. We place great value on our clients, who are like family to us. We are here to provide a long-lasting commitment to your family over the spectrum of life’s major events. We have grown with many of our clients, from their engagement shoots to their baby’s first birthdays, taking pride in our repeat business because of the incredible relationships that we create with our clients as Corporate event photographer in Miami