Miami Lifestyle Photographer

Lifestyle Photographers in Miami

Miami Lifestyle Photography is a new, ultra modern, updated way to capture photographs. Forget the boring poses and forced smiles. We want to capture those real-life moments that really matter. So, what are we all about?

Defining Miami Lifestyle Photography

As Miami Lifestyle Photographers, we take a fresh, innovative approach to fine portraiture, with a focus on capturing the essence of the subject first and foremost. We explore personalities, develop relationships, showcase feelings and evoke natural reactions. No stiff smiles or poses here!
The process starts with shooting in a natural environment, whether in your living room, at the beach or at a favorite outdoor café. We carefully balance direction from a professional standpoint with your comfort, giving you plenty of room for self-expression.
The essence of Miami Lifestyle Photography is a combination of photojournalism and fine art portraiture. Rather than posing subjects in a controlled environment — as you often see in a traditional studio — Lifestyle Photography has more of an unknown variable. Our Miami photographers think on their feet and feel out the shoot to determine how to best create a photo-worthy moment. Highly skilled in producing art with the subjects, light and location provided, our photographers can harness that certain something that each one of us has inside, bringing it to life before the camera. View our GALLERY below.

What makes us Miami Lifestyle Photographers?

Just because a photographer shoots candid images, this doesn’t automatically qualify him as a Lifestyle Photographer in Miami. It goes beyond this, requiring a deeper knowledge of skills that transcends understanding the equipment and capturing images. This also goes for being a Miami Wedding Photographer and Miami Family Photographer.

How it Works?

As Lifestyle Photographers in Miami we have an uncanny ability to get our subjects to relax and be themselves, creating a comfortable environment where subjects can show their true colors. This involves encouraging subjects to be playful or silly or reflective, bringing out a parent’s nurturing side, for instance, so they snuggle lovingly with their child or gently brush away a stray hair. There’s no way to dictate these moments: you have to give them time to develop on their own, with patience and creative suggestions on the part of the professional behind the camera.

When is Lifestyle Miami Photography best used?
Lifestyle is perfect for photographing people who prefer to show the reality of their lives; those who are content to trade in a perfectly posed photo for one that tells a story.