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Telling the story with light is how professional a Miami portrait photographer differentiate themselves. In addition to location photography, we specialize in studio photography, which poses its own set of challenges. But we meet those challenges each and every day to ensure our photographs exceed each clients expectations. There are a few things to consider when taking a great portrait: lighting, posing and composition, and most importantly the story you wish to present to the viewer. We at Ezekiel e. Photography have a good understanding about lighting. We know it’s not easy to control and we know it takes years to perfect this art. We also know how to see the light and use it to our advantage. Many photographers can do well with natural light, but it’s a learned skilled to be able to work with both ambient and studio lighting. As quality portrait photographers in miami our experience has allowed us to create the best images in a variety of lighting situations.

Understanding theme and composition

In terms of posing and composition, this involves arranging subjects not only in the frame but also in relation with one another. With a critical impact on the final image, these two elements must come together effortlessly to create a gorgeous photograph, whether for a wedding, quinceanera, or a modeling portfolio. Since posing doesn’t come naturally to many people, it is our job to make you look and feel at ease. That comes across on the final images, so that’s why we take great pride in our ability to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. As a portrait photographer in miami we have understand many techniques and strategies to posing, and we’re still learning every day. Trust us to make your portraits the best it can be. Don’t worry about stiff poses and smiles. We help you let down your walls and just be you. With just a minor pose adjustment, we can make a subject create the look he or she is going for. It’s an art, something we’re strived to achieve over the years. As a result, we can compose the image to tell a ore compelling story.

Why creative Miami portrait photographers?

The creative story telling element to the entire portrait concept is what differentiates okay photographers from professionals. It’s hard to learn but its a skill we continue to master as Miami portrait photographers. In our portraits, we show who you really are, not just what you look like. We essentially tell a story of your life, your personality and your dreams. How do we do this? By getting to know our subjects beforehand.

Family is important to us, and we want to be treated like one. Here at Ezekiel e. Photography, we don’t just shoot pictures. We are so much more: we are family. From your engagement and wedding photos to your maternity and baby photos, we follow you throughout every major phase of your life. Trust us to provide a long-lasting commitment to your family over the spectrum of life’s major events. We have grown with many of our clients, taking pride in our repeat business because of the incredible relationships that we create with our clients. We are a family company that offers many services, and skilled Miami portrait photographers is just one of them.


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