miami sweet sixteen photographer

The Timeless beauty of Sweet 16 Miami photography

A once in a life time event to remember your Sweet 16 Miami. The ideal photographer is one who has vast experience in the field and can turn the event in question into a work of art. If you’re turning 16 soon and want to capture your special day in the best light possible, choose Ezekiel e. Photography for your Sweet 16 Miami photography. We are professional photographers who can tell the story of the day through color and black and white pictures. When searching for Miami wedding photography, trust us to provide quality long lasting memories for you to cherish. You only turn Sweet 16 once in your life, so why not capture this event on film? You’ll love looking back at your Sweet 16 Miami birthday party photos for years to come.

Fun memories of your sweet sixteen

We do much more than simply take pictures of the party; we make it come alive through timeless traditions of photographs so you and your friends and family can relive each moment over and over again. Headed by Erik Esparza, this Miami, Florida-based photographer established himself in the industry with his early use of photojournalism techniques in wedding photography. Today, he continues that tradition with his trusted team to provide superior service and dedication. We don’t stop until we know we’ve given 100 percent. Our clients are valuable to us, and they’re the reason we’re in this business. When you choose us to photograph your Sweet 16 Miami event, you are placing your trust in our hands. We take these opportunities to show you just how much we can do, growing with you each and every day. View Sweet Sixteen Gallery Here.

Getting it right as your Sweet 16 Miami photographer

We use our vast knowledge of creative techniques to preserve your special day on camera. We hope to get to know you before the event so that we know better what to capture on the big day. Here at Ezekiel e. Photography, we don’t just shoot pictures. We are so much more: we are family. We hope to grow that relationship over the years, too. As skilled and experienced engagement photographers, we focus on the details, and offer a variety of creative choices through black and white or color shots. Whether you like traditional photos, or something a bit out of the ordinary, we can accommodate your needs. Visit our gallery to view images.

Hiring the right professional

Be sure to hire professionals for your party Sweet 16 Miami style. You won’t regret selecting qualified, professional photographers who can take your event and turn it into a story on film. Place your trust in us to document your special day, capturing each moment you will remember for the rest of your life. You may even consider a post Sweet 16 Miami photography session. We all know how crazy the actual event can be. You don’t have time to really have fun, between all the posed shots and greeting your guests. Let us take photos of you the day after when you’re rested and have time to let loose in front of the camera celebrating your Sweet 16 Miami.